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Little League® programs are always looking for responsible and enthusiastic individuals to support and coordinate local Little League events and activities. Volunteers should have a keen interest in the safety, well-being, and overall development of children.

All parents of children involved in Little League Baseball® are strongly encouraged to volunteer. Parents who volunteer have the opportunity to spend quality time with their child in a safe, fun-filled environment.  Volunteering allows your life and your child’s life to intersect on common ground, with shared interests and goals, where both can meet new friends.

No experience is required to become a volunteer. Most of the volunteer opportunities require little or no training.  Local leagues will provide any necessary training (as well as support and encouragement), and Little League University is the go-to resource for everything a volunteer needs to know. The best volunteers are those who are able to bring added enjoyment to the game simply be being themselves.

All local Little Leagues are required to conduct background checks on managers, coaches, board of directors members and any other persons, volunteers or hired workers, who provide regular service to the league and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with, players or teams. Individuals are also required to complete and submit a Little League Volunteer Application to their local league. No additional requirements are in place by Little League to become a volunteer.

The local league will determine what volunteer positions are needed. This may include, in addition to managers, coaches and umpires; team parents, concession workers, field maintenance assistance, event assistance, committee members and more.


Westside Little League is completely volunteer driven and relies solely on parents and volunteers to run!

Many volunteer opportunities are available (most don't require any previous experience).  Whether you can only help with special activities or can commit more time to the League, you'll have a rewarding experience.  We are always looking for more help and could use yours-- below are just some of the positions or special functions that you can help with:


Coach -  Obviously we cannot function without coaches (both head coaches and assistants).  No experience is necessary, and the League can provide a variety of printed and online training materials and ongoing coaching sessions to help you become a better coach!  You will communicate with the parents/guardians of your players to inform them of any schedule changes, rainouts, and Little League events and activities.  As a manager or coach, you have more interaction with young people than anyone else in Little League.

Team Parent - Volunteer as a Team Parent to help with team communications (such as practice and game announcements/cancellations), coordinate with other parents for post-game snacks and drinks, help plan a post-season party, etc.  Every team should have a Team Parent to help out.  You can register yourself in the system when you register your child, or let the coach know when the season begins!

Being an Umpire - Aside from calling ball or strike, safe or out, umpires are responsible for teaching players good sportsmanship and the rules of the game. Umpires are also called upon to interpret rules and help settle minor disputes that may occur during games.

Most Little League games have one home plate umpire and a minimum of one field umpire. Before becoming a home plate umpire you may be required to participate in training sessions and seminars.

While home plate umpires are scheduled well in advance, field umpires are often determined minutes before the game begins. As you arrive at your child’s game, your coach or the home plate umpire may ask you to be the field umpire. When you agree, your main responsibilities are to call plays on the bases, determine if balls are fair or foul, and assist the home plate umpire with other calls.

Scorekeeping Opportunities Scorekeeping, especially for a Little League baseball game, is both fun and simple. The key is to know the basic abbreviations, how to score the plays and, of course, paying attention to the game. Scorebooks are the official record of the games played, so it is important to make sure they are filled out accurately.

Selling Concessions - Because all Little League playing facilities are different, the responsibilities of a concession stand volunteer vary by league. The job may simply involve standing behind a counter and filling orders, or it may require that you buy, prepare, transport and/or store various concessions.

Helping with Field Maintenance - In some cases, your local Little League is required to maintain the fields that your child plays on. As a part of the field maintenance crew, your skills and abilities may be used to mow grass, line fields, rake dirt, and execute minor repairs on fences, benches and bleachers.

Board Member - Many opportunities are always available on the Board, whether you spearhead a specific function or assist the rest of the members.  We always have a need for Player Agents (help coordinate the teams and player assignments in a division), Picture/Uniform day coordinators, sponsorships, signs, equipment, handouts, trophies, etc.

Special Event Volunteer - And, there are special one-day only volunteers necessary to assist with player evaluations, picture day, fundraising and other events like announcing special games and in-house tournaments!

No matter how little or much you can give to Westside Little League, it's sincerely appreciated.  

The League wouldn't be hear with out your help!

If you can help in any capacity, please reach out below:

Charles Dortch III

Charles Dortch III

Special Events Coordinator

Zack Rector

Zack Rector

Field Maintence Coordinator

Kasey Olenberger

Kasey Olenberger

Coaching Coordinator

Carrie London

Carrie London

Snack Bar Coordinator

Steve Stiles

Steve Stiles

Umpire in Cheif

General Volunteer Questions